Zeichnung: Benno Zöllner, 2012
Zeichnung: Benno Zöllner, 2012

I offer three psychodynamic therapy methods:

Analytical psychotherapy or psychoanalysis

Analytical psychotherapy or psychoanalysis assumes that unconscious and conflicting feelings and impulses work in every person and, under certain conditions, can inhibit psychological development and cause symptoms. The aim of the treatment is to make these unconscious processes conscious and thereby to create interrupted connections between the personal life story and the current suffering. In this respect, psychoanalysis is about enabling people to recognize their own hidden desires and to pursue them as far as possible.

Analytical psychotherapy or psychoanalysis usually takes place 2 to 3 times a week, with either the patient lying on the couch and the therapist sitting behind him, or both sitting across from each other.
The focus of psychoanalysis is primarily on the inner world of the patient, his relationship experience and his relationship fantasies and wishes.

Psychodynamic psychotherapy 

Psychodynamic psychotherapy is based on the same basic assumptions as psychoanalysis. However, the focus of treatment is more on the outside world, such as recurring conflicts in the professional field. Psychodynamic psychotherapy can also be considered if psychoanalysis is not possible for internal or external reasons.
The treatment usually takes place once a week, with the patient and therapist sitting across from each other.

Analytical group therapy

Analytical group therapy uses the processes that arise in a therapeutic group in order to be able to better understand and deal with the problems that led the patient into treatment. The group works like a mirror in which the individual in the other group participants can better recognize himself in his conflicts and entanglements and thus changes are made possible.
An analytical group takes place regularly on a fixed date during the week and consists of 7 to 9 participants.

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